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Monday, June 16, 2008



Margerie said...

It is not fair that I have so much potential in improgging fair. It is also not fair that I have so little time today to read fair posts. So to be fair, I am posting my limitations! Happy improg!!

Susan said...

I had absolutely no time to write this post, but I did it anyway. Improgging Fool, you're a bad influence on me.

sdacquisto said...

Fair, what is fair? I can't even figure out the real meaning of that word anymore after having cancer at 32. So I am going a different direction... Fair is the crazy time of year (in late July and early August around here) when people watching is at its finest. The annual county FAIR is an excuse for so many people to put on too tight of jeans, drink too much alcohol and forget that this isn't Las Vegas, what happens here, we laugh about all year! So my tip for the day is that when the fair comes around this year remember to wear loose pants and drink lots of water (not beer)because this IS a small town and you will hear snickering all year long if you forget to mind your drinking at the fair!