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Friday, June 20, 2008

Improg #4 - KNOCKERS!

Take this word and blog about it in anyway that you'd like: happy, sad, thoughtful, funny, short, long, with pictures, with words - anything goes!

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patrice said...

Knockers........I have the greatest memory about this word dating back to when I lived in London about a hundred years ago.

They have these great knockers on the doors, instead of doorbells, that effectively alerted anyone home to your presence. They were all quite large and heavy and got the job done in a most efficient manner.

I never really paid much attention to these knockers, until one day my boyfriend said to me with such innocence, "Honey, I will be here to knock you up in the morning about 8:00".

You can well imagine my reaction. Having children was not on my mind in those days and for him to be so accomodating as to allow me to sleep until 8:00, for which the apparent deed is to take place, certainly did not speak to my wild nature.

Of course, he is talking about the knockers on the door! Silly me! We had a great laugh about this mis-communication of languages.

However, on occasion, to this very day, when someone says they will come over and wake me up; I think about being knocked-up in the morning.

Suzie said...

I just think about my knockers. My boobs as I am nursing they are big big and scary! If I put them on a scale I'm sure they would be responsible for all my weight (as was mentioned on my blog) at least 40 -50 no 80 pounds. Yeah all my weight. Yup actually the rest of me is a size 2 its just covered up by my knockers.